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Gravitational Technology Research Center

Most people go into a darkened room and turn on a light switch. For those who want to know what makes the electricity flow, to go beyond flicking a switch; to understand what happens in making the light glow: these are the people interested in participating with the Gravity Transportation Research Center. Building an entirely new concept as a mode of transportation requires an idea, then building on the direction of that idea. We’re working towards creating this research center. Send an email to indicate your interest.

Building the research center

The GTRC mission: to develop an efficient and sustainable transportation device/mechanism Developing sustainable urban growth requires removing the automobile as the culture’s primary source of transportation. The only way to attain this is with the creation of a mode of transportation that’s quicker, more convenient, cheaper and safer than an automobile. Gravity is the most abundant force in the universe. Studying gravitational force provides a logical approach to devise a mechanism utilized for transportation. Building an entirely new concept as a mode of transportation requires an idea, then building on the direction of that idea. We’re working towards creating this research center. Send an email to indicate your interest.

50 years into space technology

50 years ago, this picture was taken.  Today, government space flight has stagnated into social kayos and declined to a sea of political corruption.

100 years ago, this is how science fiction pictured space ships.

Gravity Research Center

The Gravity Research Center is taking a new perspective to the definition of gravity.  Gravity waves are being looked at as the source to for attractive motion, enabling efficient transportation.

Partner with us and watch transportation become the next paradigm of intellectual evolution.


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  1. The conversation here goes deep into the realm of theoretical physics. Want to talk about Einstein’s theory of relativity and what it means regarding relativity? It means finding answers to explain what gravity is and utilizing gravity as a source of motion for transportation.

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  2. From the book: “Rising From Unsustainable, Replacing Automobiles and Rockets” about gravity:
    “What is known of gravity: states that gravitational forces grow into exponentially larger fields merely by kinetic energy and larger body mass. Newton’s accepted gravity equation is: F = Gm1m2/r2, which says; the gravitational force between two objects is proportional to the mass of each, and inversely proportional to the distance between them (G is the gravitational constant). Kinetic energy is not directly considered in the formula but, would be as a measurable influence to the speed of attraction to distances between two objects.
    “Here is new information. In the relationship of knowing the path of particle movement at the sub-atomic level, the particles of matter are eh, extremely small. The other aspect beyond considering how tiny a single element atom is: they don’t stand still and are constantly moving very quick. But, at what direction? Another of the questions in particle physics; to the many theories of particle mass: what roll does gravity play? The popular theory is that the strong and weak atomic forces which bind atoms are greater forces than gravity. Then there are the theories which named the attraction of quarks as other particles called gluons and gravitons.”

    The definition of gravity based on my theory, similar to the String Theory of particle mass, claims that the path of particle movement is linear. It’s path consists of very specific twists in rotation; like taking an elliptical shape of a ribbon and stretching it to a linear path. In this manner, gravity is the twist of angular momentum. Since all matter travels through space at the same velocity, all things move in unison but, vary in mass of matter at its own frequency. This frequency variance corresponds to its interpretation of light (color), sound (hearing), taste, touch, and smell. (This information maintains author’s copyrights to be used by author’s permission)

    The point in isolating the functionality of gravity enables its manipulation for purposes of transportation. This is the direction of pursuit for the Gravity Research Center.

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